I spotted this installation awhile ago while scouring the many blogs i follow, and lately i’ve been seeing it littering them. As i can’t seem to shake the images and have had a very mentally hectic last week,  i figured this was a fitting way to bid adieu to the images. And to belatedly spread the word further.

The installation came to fruition when the more than 90-years-running Massachusetts Mental Health Center decided to close in 2003. Titled “Bloom“, the installation was artist Anna Schuleit’s brilliant way of addressing the lack of flowers present in psychiatric hospitals. Anna (and several volunteers) slathered the floors, halls and pool with a variety of flowers-giving the space a carefree, lighthearted beauty as opposed to the uninviting glare of linoleum-cause despite poor linoleum’s determination to be viewed as lovelier than her sisters, roman and terra cotta tiles, she always fails. The installation is also a surprisingly uplifting glimpse into the world without us, and an introspective acknowledgment on the sometimes sterile way we relate to our surroundings.

How ingenious are these images for set design, or even brought into the scenery for a future story? love stumbling upon fascinating people, even more so when they have fascinating ideas.


(all images from either Anna Shuleit’s own site of Reuters.com).
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2 thoughts on ““bloom”.

  1. amazing! I love this!

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